So, it has been really long since I wrote, during that time I was having a writer’s block and so in the spirit of breaking it I was reading a lot and watching lots of other people’s videos. For those who do not know, I am a foodie and I also love nature but only during the day like I do not do camping, but I would love a safari in the wild as long as I sleep in doors.

One of the places I found that I really felt fed all my little likes was Lamu. Everyone who has been to Lamu either a Kenyan or foreigner juts cannot stop saying how good its is. It is paradise on earth so where do I start and why is Lamu first, second and third on my bucket list?

The Food

The Swahili culture is generally very family oriented and what brings a family together better than a well cooked meal. From the samaki wa kupakwa to the shawarma, to others I cannot pronounce to crabs(I have never had them but they look so good cooked), I really just want to go to Lamu. Plus the fact that all these things are avalable ‘mwitu’ I mean imagine having your papa wa kupakwa mwitu, isn’t it surreal?

I also would like to test the muchizi wa pweza( octopus soup) myths about how you burn up, if you know what I mean. They also have, wait for it, a spice market, I know this happens all over the coast but that it is there in Lamu I want to see.

The people

In our busy cosmopolitan towns, waiters are slow and rude in some places, not in Lamu, the people are friendly and amazing, so i hear, they better not disappoint, they have a sense of community which after our busy work packet lives would be very welcome.

The sandy beaches

Lamu is full of them because well, it is an island coupled with the fact that there are tides that make the beaches stretch out for kilometers at a time, it really sounds and looks, ( from what I have seen) divine.

The donkeys

After all the shenanigans that matatus have shown me, I would love my own ride, no travelling with people who snort all the way, or with drunkards who lie on your shoulder, or with drivers who play Tichi when there are grandparents in the house, not cool, by the way, but that is the story for another day. I would love to see donkeys not being beaten so hard.

The Dolphins

Until recently, I had no idea there where dolphins and a variety of fish too cute to eat and snorkeling is actually fun right at our coasts. I would love to swim with the dolphins, I have to find a way to get over my water phobia and fast.

In a nutshell, I love my country and I love Lamu now more than ever. I think Brand Kenya should put this things up for all to see and appreciate how beautiful our country is.

If you visit Lamu before I do take lots of pictures and show them so I can feel jealous and plan to go soon.

Cheers and stay sunny!






So, I have found away back to my first love, reading. I came across this book. So for those who do not know Dan Brown is an iconic novelist who according to me is an art historian as in he loves to base his novels at least the two I know of around legendary artists. He also wrote the more famous book, The Da Vinci Code which was based on the works Leonardo Da Vinci.

This book is based on Dante Alighieri’s The Divine Comedy who lived between 1265 and 1321. In the Divine Comedy Dante shares his journey through Hell (Inferno), Purgatory (Purgatorio) and Paradise (Paradiso).

Dan Brown specializes in The Inferno or the first and most famous part of the Divine Comedy. He tells the story of an Art History Professor from the States who has been hired by The World Health Organization (WHO) to intercept a guy who is trying creating a plague that is meant to cut world population and lead to a Renaissance.

Most of the book is based in Florence where the Professor Robert Langdon wakes up with Amnesia in a hospital that turns out not to be a hospital and is being chased by men with big guns. One of the doctors dies and the other a female one by the name Sienna Brooks helps him out as they travel through various Florentine tourist attractions hoping to find clues as to where the plague is hidden.

They start at the Medici home which is now a museum. Dan Brown is very good at explaining the various attractions and the book feels like a guided tour from Florence to Venice to Istanbul. He very creatively goes into ancient churches he visits a museum where they find Dante Alighieri’s death mask only it is stolen and the chase continues. where they find the plague which is not what they expected. You have to read the book yourself.

If nothing else the book should make you want to visit Italy the next chance you can. I know I did. I also found myself researching a lot on The Divine Comedy and the Various attractions. It carried me, I never for a second put it down.

It is simply a must read.


You know those times you promise yourself to live properly. You start telling yourself that for better results, you have to do things differently. Well, you have heard it before and I will confirm it to you, words are cheap, actions are what tell it all.

So, for a time I kept promising myself that I should start eating healthy I mean who doesn’t know the benefits it has to the skin, how kind it is to the waist and self confidence and cumulatively it makes a better life. Don’t get me wrong, I do love vegetables and I eat them but for the most part I really love a nice meaty meal and a lot of sugar in my snacks. In short, life is a little better with a bit more fat, sugar and meat.

My problem comes to where I now really want to stop or at least reduce.I want to start eating home cooked meals, I want to drink the water more, I would like to cut the amount of processed sugar.


Day 1

I tried tap water, did not work. It was not going down well so I got mineral water. I took a little more than a half liter of water in an hour, good right? But, I still had my sausage and hot dogs.

Day 2

You, know how water is said to taste better with lemon, tried it

VERDICT: Horrible, did not work for me.

I kept having this very serious craving for soda, but I kept taking water and eventually a nap, I could not take the pressure of not having sugar anymore but eventually the day ended without the taking of soda, I just kept taking water and I am very proud.

Day 3

I woke up determined to run this healthy thing alone. I did not make tea as I normally would, instead I made a concoction of ginger, garlic, lemon and honey in water. It was nice but I was late I couldn’t finish the 500 ml. I decided I will get a small flask for my concoction to have later in the day. It felt good and I felt like a superhero.

Today is day three and right now, I just want something meaty and fatty, I do hope I can carry this torch along but it is hard, hard work.

Wish me luck.


All of a sudden near death experiences are the in thing, everybody is having them. I had one several years ago and it was actually one of those times I wish I asked matatu (public service vehicle) conductors questions. It was kind of a funny story that taught me that one should take more out of a physics class than the teacher saying, “Christ on a trolley!”

So it was a beautiful day way back when I lived in college hostels. I was reporting back to school which for me was always amazing because well, it meant freedom. I was far, far away from home and nobody would be checking on me and nobody would tell me what to do and I could sleep in the middle of the day without interruption, yes, for real, college for me was akin to uninterrupted sleep. Oh how, I wish I could get those days back, but I digress.

I took a matatu from Eldoret town to my school which was like a ten minute drive. I got to my destination and there was a dilemma. They did not have change, classic conductor code for, when will you ever tip? and I couldn’t go till the last stage because I had luggage. I either had to go with them and come back with another vehicle and pay again or leave my luggage go with them and come back. looking back in retrospect, was there really a problem? I can’t answer that right now, I am trying to tell the story of how I nearly died.

Fast forward and the conductors are asking me to make a decision and I am confused, I cannot even remember the amount of money they owed me. But at the time it felt like a lot. I decided we would go and I will collect my change and come back. The vehicle started moving and I looked at my bag and could not imagine losing my things for a split second i lost my mind and jumped and the vehicle was in motion.

Friends there is a reason people run when jumping from a moving vehicle, I can’t explain it in physics terms, I can only say, do not jump from a moving car if you can’t keep the motion.

All I can remember was a light,  for a few hours I heard nothing. There was blackness and then light and then I was running or not, I cannot say for sure what happened but it felt like hours and it went on and on and on. Then, I woke up to many sympathizers and some people trying not to laugh. Apparently, I was only on the ground for a few seconds not the hours it felt like which makes me imagine there is no time or space in the after life.

No, I did not break anything, as the girl I am I fell with my face on my hand. I only bruised my knee, it bled a little but my ego for sure was badly hurt. Other than that I am happy to be alive.


Of A Drunk Stranger

Yesterday, I had an average day, nothing much happened except work, but that is basically my typical day. That was until I went into town in the evening, you see, I am very lazy when it comes to doing girly things like styling my hair so I always go to my hairdresser and she styles it for me when I am tired with one style and sometimes I just go because she is like my second mother and we have a friendship of sorts, but I digress.

I leave the salon and I walk home because, I am a walker, I love to walk although July is changing my mind because sometimes I feel like my internal organs are frozen after five minutes, the air is so cold, it feels touchable. But, I still walk. Five minutes later, a guy comes up behind me and goes like, “Uko smart aje?”, for a second I am confused, I don’t quite remember the answer to that, is it Thank you, or do I not or do I justify why I am looking nice? So I did not answer.

“Watu wanaulizanga hivyo, lakini wanasema tu uko smart, “he says

I am silent because, number one, he is a stranger, number two, I was in no mood for conversation and number three and most important, I was just so tired talking felt like extreme manual labour

“Umekubali uko smart?”he just will not let it go

“Asante,”I say not quite wondering why this conversation was happening and he walks away, or so I thought.

“Sasa? ” he says and stretches fourth his hand for me to shake. For a mili-second, I stared at his hand and wondered what to do, I was so tired, I couldn’t really walk extremely fast but I wanted to walk, He sounded drunk and seemed to stagger, I wondered whether he was actually drunk and how much drama he would cause if I did not shake his hand, on the other more serious hand (pun very much intended), I imagined him not being drunk wanting to kidnap me and once I shook his hand I would collapse and never be heard of again. I decide to just shake his hand and see what happens, I did not collapse and he walked away, or so I thought.

As I walk past a maize roasting stand, I hear the now familiar yet annoying voice again

“Utakula mahindi,”remember how heavy my mouth is. And now thanks to shaking his hand it feels a thousand kilos heavy not because I thought his were dirty but because of the sadistic ideas in his head running in my head, if you get what I mean.

“Niko sawa, ” I said willing to run but my feet just would not get lighter.

“Wewe ni mkale?” In my head I am thinking, you this man, will you just fall into a manhole already. So what if I am a kale, what has that got to do with anything? But I say, “Hapana,”

“Utakula nini sasa?” This from a guy I just met, a guy whose name I don’t know and who does not know mine. A guy who has no idea how much I want him to fall into a manhole or have the pleasure of seeing him swallow his tongue, literally.

“Utakula nyama?” Did I mention we were walking down a street Nakuru’s Koinange street for those who know it, now that I said that, no need to go that direction, he couldn’t possibly, NO.

“Niko sawa, ” I was getting very close to pushing him into a manhole it would give me enough time to run since people would surround him, some just to look because people have that habit of just looking at someone who has been befallen by a misfortune and shaking their heads, and while they stare and shake their heads, I will run.

“Sasa umekataa kula, twende home basi,” luckily I knew a guy with a stall nearby who was six feet tall, if this thing decided to follow me any further, he would have it.

He got pressed mumbled something about how I should go, he will be right back.

Strangest five minutes of my life. I have never planned to throw someone into a manhole before. Of course, I walked a way and did not look back, and he did not find me and I hope I never meet him again.

Dear God It’s Patricia, Do you Know Me?

I started this blog to revive my writing skills but I just could not because I read other people’s work and it was amazing. I tried but all I could think of was how good everyone’s work was and how interesting their lives were. I never wanted to be a writer, I just found myself in High School having a lot to write about and I had a wild imagination which was great until I realized life was not what i thought it was and I could never write again.

You see, I wrote romantic stories in High School and they were well, very innocent. Me imagining that what the movies showed was true, that we all got a chance at it, and it was blissful, until one day my heart was broken and I vowed to never again in my life trust a human being but I am very gullible. To this day, I cannot say I have ever been in a relationship.

I was always good in School until high School because I did not know how to study. I thought about it and I think what helped in primary School was multiple choice questions and well, I have photographic memory. I remembered everything. I did not do as well in High School but after that I was pretty good. My parents are not rich but they sacrificed all to give me education. All through my tertiary education, I had dreams and I prayed, I passed exams but that was it. I guess I never had the drive. I wanted jobs, I applied, I walked into places and asked people and I wrote letters to people. Hoping that I would get discovered.

I remember at one time bargaining with God and I said, I will not ask for a husband or children I just wanted a robust career. I am on my second job but it is not even close to my dream and things are not working out for me in any way. My blog is not working, my brand has not picked up and I am at that age where I cannot blame anybody but myself but the truth is, I am out of ideas. All I ever wanted was to make my parents proud and now I do not know how to do that.

I prayed, I asked for direction, I came across a myriad of people saying if you find a problem to solve, you have found wealth. Don’t go after money, find your purpose and you will prosper, and try I did but no, there was no finding. I smiled, I prayed, I said thank you everyday until I thought, I guess you have to be special. There is nothing special about me.

I tried to write, well, it did not work. Until I thought maybe I do not know how to pray as well as all those people who testify on facebook and other places about how far they have come. I haven’t moved and that seems to be a me problem because everybody else is put together and creating businesses and excelling in their fields and travelling and living and being inspirational.

Somebody told me to sit down in church and look at the altar ( I am Catholic) and ask God if he exists. for weeks I have lived in grateful but it just seems to make things worse. If I knew better things were coming I would continue but it is exhausting and nothing is changing at some point you realize hope will not pay the bills, hope will not pay for your masters and hope will not propel your career.

I sat down I cried all I want to know is, God, do you hear anything I say or am I one of those people who don’t matter because. If I should not compare myself to those doing better, I should not also compare myself to those doing worse. So, I am not any more blessed than anybody out there, I just do not feel like I am where I should be.

It is said that when you haven’t gathered your shit together by the time you are thirty, it is over. I am almost there and I am freaked out. Don’t I also deserve to have a testimony because frankly, mine is pretty basic.

Dear God, do you even Know me?














It was a cold June morning, the days had been becoming increasingly hot but the mornings were a bit chilly. Edith had just started classes and it was taking all her will to get up at 4 am to study. She had a job at a local university as the Accounts Assistant, a job she loved because she loved numbers and got to enjoy working with them all day.

Her parents had always emphasised on education, this generation was not the one that was big on being creative and doing what you want you did what brought money. Edith had no illusions as a young person she had grown up having just enough her life was not lavish but she had dreams for herself.

“Good morning,” she greeted the doorman a tall lanky old man who always smiled and had 1960 tales but she liked him because he was real, more than anybody else she worked with.

“Girl, you looking fine,” Suzy quipped. Suzy was the only other person that Edith could relate to, she was like herself single and working what they called, ‘starting from too somewhere’ job and they both wanted to drive the big cars and live in the big house and were both hopeless romantics who hadn’t seen romance in a while.

“I am glad you think so because I could not, for the life of me open my eyes this morning and I just imagined I look like crap,” Edith answered.

“Studying huh?”

“Well we all want to amount to something and hanging out with only you, who wants to be in bed by 8.00pm, I need other things to occupy me.”

“Oh, come on, don’t tell me, you do not like having that time to just snooze, and be in that zone. Plus you are the one who always has class and studying as excuses.”

They both smiled, to be very honest, they did not like the out life, and they never seemed to enjoy it. Suzy would always be comfortable with a book and travel and job sites, it occupied her life. Edith lived with her parents as she planned how to move out and she was trying to have as few fights with her mother as a past twenty woman living with her mother could.

For the most part Edith had wanted to be extremely rich buy that expensive car and have a fancy big house and buy her parents the house they deserved for all their hard work they put in. They did not have much but they gave it all to her and her one brother Leo. They were close but of late she was getting really stressed she had no idea why but she was reserved, preferred her own company and just got angry very easily because well, everybody was moving forward but her.

The two ladies moved on, in silence as they entered the office area. Their boss was wicked and for the purposes of telling this story we will call her She-devil because well, Edith had always wanted to call her that but never had her chance, enjoy this Edith.

On this particular morning Edith was wasted, she hadn’t slept well because she was stressed, exams were coming up and though she did not mind studying she had no fees and she had no idea where to turn. She ran through her Face Book page because well, she just was not into working, she could only manage a few minutes because it was very depressing, it was like mating season because for some reason everybody was getting engaged and getting married and I just was too much to take in. She opened her work diary and she just stared, for a minute she just did not know where she was and she could not remember what she wanted to do.

“Edith!” she was rudely startled from her blackout by the She-devil.

“Yes,” she replied going into the She-devil’s office.

“Happy thoughts,” Edith said to herself. “Killing people is against the law.”

“I need you to take these documents to the marketing manager at the firm we advertise with, there are other documents he should give you.”

“Yes,” she replied jumping up and down on the inside, at least she got to leave the office.

She took the documents and half ran, half walked out of the building; she was free at least for a few minutes. She hadn’t slept well at least she could catch a break even if for just a little while.

The marketing firm was not that far but even if it was, Edith loved to walk. It was a relaxer for her. It was almost meditative for her. For some reason she enjoyed the noise a little more today. She felt it was extremely nice and she just wanted to soak the outdoors in. It was just the town but it was breathtaking. It reminded her of freedom, the freedom she wanted.

The building the marketing firm was in was modest but stylish. The marketing manager had a medium office at the end of the hall. Apparently he and the she-devil were friends. Hmmmm. Maybe she got lucky.

Edith walked to the end of the hall and was greeted by a half bored receptionist.

“You going to have to wait a while, he has some important visitors today,” the receptionist quipped. Her name was Alex, Alexandria but that was too long she said. She preferred Alex.

“What’s with you? Edith asked

“I just don’t know. I am just not feeling like work today. It is only 8.30 and I am tired and I don’t want to see people.”

“I keep telling you, did a hole in the ground, it works for the ostrich.”

They both chuckled. They had hit it off since Edith came here a lot. They just liked each other.

“How do you like your new boss?” Edith asked. See the thing is, Edith used to deal with another manager who was not too much her bosses’ friend but he was transferred. He was a just there guy. Edith hadn’t met the new manager yet, today would be that day.

“He is amazing; he is very charming, nice,”

“Okay, I get it, you are gloating,”

“A little,”

“Show off,”

“You got me,”

What seemed like a delegation for people went out. They were very businesslike.

“It’s your turn, tell me what you think,” Alex said and winked.

“I will write a full report,”


First of all, 2016, just stop. This year has taken away everybody that was anybody in their respective fields. But I guess, one day or another they would go just like all of us will at some point, sounds really bad but some realities of life just are ugly.

I am not a very sporty person, I am that person who watches football and wonder what else I could do in 90 minutes, the only sport that has won me is Rugby and of course athletics, how are you a Kenyan if you can’t scream when we win? I mean, insert very dramatic eye roll, with rugby maybe it’s the built of these guys, oh my God, the chests, the arms, the legs. That aside, rugby can get bloody, in college one of our best players broke his leg, like broke the bone peeped out of his skin and he was screaming and I almost died from the shock and pain I felt on his behalf.

That whole scenario was to explain how just one bloody sport is enough for me. But some people you just cannot ignore because they are just so damn good at what they do, enter The Legend, The Greatest, Muhammad Ali.

I am not a boxing fan but I as everybody else knew Muhammad Ali, why? In the most simplest terms alijichocha and we just had to know him but it had to start with him, from him in order to resonate to the rest of us. So today I am going to share what I learnt  from a few of Muhammad Ali’s famous quotes.

God has got me here for something. I can feel it. I was born for everything that I am doing now.

From this I got that believing in a divine purpose is a good way to look at life. Believing that we are here because we should and not just because of a cosmic accident or any other thing. The very fact that you were conceived means you were the fastest sperms, many others did not make it but you did.

Seeking God’s divine guidance in our life in whatever religion you are from is very important for our lives, it is a driving force and can help us achieve great things because, we are just not here, we are here to fulfil a purpose and one thing that Muhammad Ali knew was that he could not let God down, he could lose but not give up because he had the support of a higher power.

I am the Greatest; I said that even before I knew I was. I figured if I said it enough, I would convince the world that I really was the greatest.

Oh, this is the big one, at least for me. Kujichocha. Nobody will ever believe in you, if you do not first believe in yourself. The thing about Muhammad Ali was, he did not wait to be told you are great. I think some people just lost to this guy because they were scared because well, he thought too much of himself and that made other people think a lot about him to.

You are what you say you are. Your words become your reality.


He who is not courageous enough to take risks will accomplish nothing in life.

This one is a cliché but it is so true. Had he not decided to take to the ring and believe he was the greatest, what would have happened to boxing fans?

If you dream of beating me you’d better wake up and apologize

And who wouldn’t? The man had a career of 56 wins and only 5 losses. In the wins there were 37 knockouts, for the boxing virgins like me, a knockout is when you not only win, but knocked out the other person as in, they passed out. Yes, I just did that.

The many wins came from believing in himself so much that I think even his opponents most of the time believed they did not stand a chance. He also trained a lot too. This man, I tell you.

I wish people would love everybody else the way they love me. It would be a better world.

This one, I found a bit technical. Here is the thing, Muhammad Ali had enemies and he knew it, but rather than focus on them he focused on those that loved him. The ones who didn’t could go do nasty things to themselves they were just not his business and he was not going to carry the negative energy around.

From this Legend and Greatest, I have leant not to sell myself short, take the plunge, fail, get up jichoche and move on, life is too short for negativity and pity parties.

It is not the years in your life that count, it’s the life in your years.

As a man thinketh in his heart, so is he.

We thank God that such a great man, so inspirational and so passionate got to live and teach us what life is really about.

Rest in Peace Muhammad Ali you will definitely be missed.


This story is inspired by yesterday’s events of the president coming to my town,(The traffic! what the hell was he thinking?) It is good for towns to grow but until then or the day I move to one of those towns trust me, I will not enjoy the chaos.


The Acres of Diamonds story “a true one” is told of an African farmer who heard tales about other farmers who had made millions by discovering diamond mines. These tales so excited the farmer that he could hardly wait to sell his farm and go prospecting for diamonds himself. He sold the farm and spent the rest of his life wandering the African continent searching unsuccessfully for the gleaming gems that brought such high prices on the markets of the world. Finally, worn out and in a fit of despondency, he threw himself into a river and drowned.

Meanwhile, the man who had bought his farm happened to be crossing the small stream on the property one day, when suddenly there was a bright flash of blue and red light from the stream bottom. He bent down and picked up a stone. It was a good-sized stone, and admiring it, he brought it home and put it on his fireplace mantel as an interesting curiosity.

Several weeks later a visitor picked up the stone, looked closely at it, hefted¹ it in his hand, and nearly fainted. He asked the farmer if he knew what he’d found. When the farmer said, no, that he thought it was a piece of crystal, the visitor told him he had found one of the largest diamonds ever discovered. The farmer had trouble believing that. He told the man that his creek was full of such stones, not all as large as the one on the mantel, but sprinkled generously throughout the creek bottom.

The farm the first farmer had sold, so that he might find a diamond mine, turned out to be one of the most productive diamond mines on the entire African continent. The first farmer had owned, free and clear … acres of diamonds. But he had sold them for practically nothing, in order to look for them elsewhere. The moral is clear: If the first farmer had only taken the time to study and prepare himself to learn what diamonds looked like in their rough state, and to thoroughly explore the property he had before looking elsewhere, all of his wildest dreams would have come true.

  1. What in the world is hefting? I know I can Google but brits are just ludicrous.

Same story but this version EPIC!

The story was about a farmer who lived in Africa and through a visitor became tremendously excited about looking for diamonds. Diamonds were already discovered in abundance on the African continent and this farmer got so excited about the idea of millions of dollars worth of diamonds that he sold his farm to head out to the diamond line. He wandered all over the continent, as the years slipped by, constantly searching for diamonds, wealth, which he never found. Eventually he went completely broke and threw himself into a river and drowned.

Meanwhile, the new owner of his farm picked up an unusual looking rock about the size of a country egg and put it on his mantle as a sort of curiosity. A visitor stopped by and in viewing the rock practically went into terminal convulsions². He told the new owner of the farm that the funny looking rock on his mantle was about the biggest diamond that had ever been found. The new owner of the farm said, ‘Heck, the whole farm is covered with them’ – and sure enough it was.

  1. Who says that? Is this guy melodramatic or what?


I meet people all the time who tell me how I should leave Nakuru so that my mind may open up or so that I may get more opportunities. They think I do not deserve to be a small town girl and make it seem like a bad thing.

I do not say they are wrong because statistically speaking Nairobi is a better bet for anything. It is clustered and everything is there. Headquarters, all new investors start there and the population is big enough to foster business growth though competition is also stiffer.

Here’s what I think however, what is wrong with making Nakuru my very own Nairobi? Everyone wants what is already set. I’m not saying I have the power but I have never been as optimistic about anything as I am that our little towns have so much potential. The first person to build a skyscraper was the first. We just all want to believe it happened by magic but the small towns have more potential because they have a gap.

Right now Nairobi has almost no gaps. Everything you think about it is there. That’s not to say there are no people in our small towns that have taste for the expensive and sometimes ridiculous. These people are there and we still have land to develop. We are not too many and we will get surprised.

I am not saying any of this because I know your opinion on the matter or want to sway it. I just think we waste good potential by doing it how everybody does it. If you want to make it then you have to go to Nairobi or the states. I see people doing it. I see people dedicating their whole lives to wanting to win a visa but I have just never been interested. They go and I say, good they are creating more employment opportunities for me right here.

Am I saying I do not like travelling, hell no! If I had the means, I would travel everywhere; I mean who doesn’t want to take pictures at the Eiffel tower in Paris, take an evening walk in their beautiful vineyards, go bungee jumping (this I will be forgiven if I run away from), visit the Japanese or Chinese town, (these two should just have been the same) with lanterns, if I list everywhere, I probably won’t get anything else done today so long story short, ever seen one of those air emirates adverts, I really want that all of it and  more but in my ideal situation, I will conquer Kenya first, then east Africa, then north and south, ahem, the west seeing as the Naija bug just bit me.

In short, I consider Nakuru my very own acres of diamonds. I see so much potential. I see so many surprises for us in the future, I see us once having tallest building number 4 or five in the world, a girl can dream, I see myself hosting events and especially fashion shows that will be acclaimed by fashion show organizers worldwide. I love myself in this town, my small town and this town has brought my way people I can’t forget and those I can. I just feel this and any other town deserves a chance and people like me.

I know one day, probably sooner than I think, I might get one of those opportunities and leave this town or even this Country but my will I miss the quiet, the low rent, the ability to walk anywhere without having a heart attack, the lack of always being in a crowd and not having to get up at four just to get to work at eight, my God that story makes me cringe every time. Don’t get me wrong, the big town s have their benefits but I am just lazy, I can do three o’clock mornings if it’s an extra job or when studying but I won’t like to do it just to get to the one job on time.

So if I run for the chair-person for small town rights, will you elect me? Just for kicks………….


Well, today for those who do not know, like me until a few minutes ago is World Telecommunication and Information Society Day. The theme for the day this year, apparently it has been here for a while, is ICT entrepreneurship for social impact.

Well, do not be fooled, I am no IT guru, I am just a fan of technology taking this day as a platform to thank those who came up with it because well, life is so much better with it and things  we never really considered possible a few years ago now we cannot live without. I celebrate the way life has changed and how much easier things are today.


Basically the theme is about entrepreneurship and this is a big driver of the economy today. Think of the several online businesses that have started. Anyone can just create a Facebook account and post their wares there and deliver in their vicinity this helps people start businesses without necessarily having to rent space to start the business in and we all know how much good not having to have space can change our procrastination demons and make it easier on our pockets.

It is also so much easier to advertise than it was a decade ago. You link all your accounts to each other and there you have it. The friends or connections that are not on Facebook will get wind of you on twitter and so on. It is not too easy but it is better.

We are also able to communicate with people who we admire on various platforms and get help before taking the leap which may reduce the risks as opposed to just jumping without a mentor and all the `how to` pages on the internet.


It has also made the world a global village, with a PayPal account you can buy that T.V. or that pair of shoes, oh yes shoes, from another country which might not be available in your vicinity or just because you trust other countries to your own. It is just so much better than having to go to your shop only to find the shoe you wanted is not available in your size, don’t you just hate it when you get there and like, “this is so cute,” and since the sales person knows you they go like, “sweetie sorry we don’t have a 36 today.” Well on the internet you will only get the disappointment from the comfort of your home, no fare, walking just clicking. But [please do be careful because the internet is not devoid of its own pickpockets.

There is also the issue of M-pesa payments and all the ATM cards you can shop with in the supermarkets at no extra cost which reduces muggings, also you can send money to anyone anywhere nowadays, like on that day you look at your nails and they are just not feminine and you can’t even believe they are your and well, you left you ATM at home, these avenues come very handy.

In 1995 you would have to beat the closing time at the bank which was three if you were lucky and what the hell is an ATM card? Nobody knew it was such a strange thing that when Barclays came up with ATMs they had this awesome advert of a dancing ATM machine, it danced to some lingala song and it was awesome, someone should upload it somewhere, we have really, really come from far and we are also lazier, but isn’t too bad.


In the past few years the medical world has also improved greatly. A few years ago, getting malaria drugs was a problem but now there is a dose that everybody knows about that has helped save millions of lives. Nowadays, expectant women can go for regular scans to know how their babies are doing and problems can be dealt with even before birth that is a milestone. Women can also choose whether they want to go the natural way or the Caesarean Section way because now it is far safer and easier and lots of lives of both the child and mother are saved.

I don’t know why mothers just come to mind when I think medical but, it is now possible for women who otherwise would not be able to easily get pregnant to have children easily by IVF, Google that, the word is too long, it makes my head spin. This also helps men with low sperm motility.

Some surgeries can be done by laser now as opposed to the traditional cutting methods. This is where I give up on medical issues but you get the drift.

Social Connections

It has also made it so easy to keep in touch with our friends who moved to other towns or those we moved away from. We are still able to have conference calls, talk about the good old days, cry, laugh and remember all those who matter. It doesn’t replace face to face conversations but it does help, especially since the costs have come down drastically with all the service providers tripping over each other to try and seduce us.

And, some people have actually found real and lasting love on the internet brought about by technology. Some last some don’t but half a loaf is better than none right?

The monster

All that said, technology created social media that created a monster. People who in real life do not know how to express themselves have taken to social media, some for good, creating things that help others, entertaining others and all.

But there is the nightmare that is some characters who feed on killing people’s vibe, making people sad, seeing people fail and embarrassing people. These people have made people kill themselves and lose themselves because they have a lot of say or so some people think. I say don’t believe them. Stand your ground and follow the positive ones.

For those whose hearts have been broken, who have lost themselves, who have no idea what is happening to them anymore I am really sorry on behalf of the internet for losing bu again do not believe everyone. Trust yourself to be good before anybody else can tell you otherwise and when they do listen and tell them that that’s their opinion and you don’t believe it, unless you killed someone or stole from a beggar.


How could I forget how far the construction industry has come? It is easier to build houses nowadays, not on the pocket but logistically. In Japan they even have building that can survive earthquakes because they can bend, can you believe that, they call them swaying buildings. Here in our own country, it is now possible to build houses without the tonnes of sand and cement using the Koto building technology; it is cheaper and takes fewer years thanks to technology even this industry is evolving.


I remember a time where all household that had a TV set had them locked in a wall unit and really there was little you could do even when it wasn’t locked. The TV was a revered item, it was almost sacred and by God, you could only be caught dead arguing with your parents about what to watch because one, there was on TV station and it came on at 4 pm, I know some kids are wondering 4 kini? Yes, 4 pm. The rest of the day there was coloured lines on the TV and a buzzing sound the whole freaking day.

This story I will tell another day exclusively. For now, all I am saying is the entertainment industry has grown. There is TV all day and millions of channels and now with the digital migration, these are accessible all over the world. You can be in America and you can watch prime news in Kenya live and too many other scenarios.

It’s also easier to be a celebrity and entertainer while keeping your day job because you can do it online. I weep for theatre though there isn’t a better form of art and I pray for it daily.

In a nutshell

It is indeed a good time to be alive, who knew there would be a time in this country when you could order anything from clothes to electronics to food and have it delivered to your doorstep and all you needed to do was click a button. We have joys we can watch funny videos from people we would otherwise never knew existed and we laugh we are able to help each other by contributing to charities we would otherwise not have known about.

I sound biased, I know but I do believe technology is a tool and we can either choose to use it for good or for bad. But good is so much easier.

Cheers to all the people working tirelessly behind the scenes to ensure our lives are easier and better, our banks, the entrepreneurs, the IT experts, the geniuses coming up with new technological inventions everyday that better our lives. Cheers to everyone I haven’t mentioned, keep up the good work and have a fabulous World Telecommunication and Information Society Day

Cheers to the 21st Century!