So last week I decided to take a friend to Menengai Crater because he had never been there and also because I had made a very big life decision and I was still in shock and I needed some air. 

I had taken the trip about 15 years ago, I really feel old, and it was from that trip that I was basing my expertise of the area. 

I didn’t tell him where we were going just that he should take me somewhere shortly and we would be back real quick.  Yes,  you guessed it, I wanted to surprise him. So we took a notary from Nakuru town and all the way to Maili Sita.

When we alighted I wasn’t sure if the turn I took was right but my gut seemed to like my odds with this one. We started our steady walk and for five minutes I was confident we would get there. 

“You know, you haven’t really told me where we are going and I am just following you, you could be taking me to be slaughtered,”

“Yeah,  I just might be expecting a cool 10 million after the drop, “I said.  I really don’t know why I chose ten million but then again people have been sold for far less.

We walked on for a bit and he started to get impatient and everytime we passed a gate,  he would ask if we were there yet and I said no.  Everytime there was a turn, I peeped to see if we should make it or not.

“Why don’t you just call? ” he asked seemingly getting annoyed by watching me and suspecting the truth,  we were lost. 

I did not answer probably because, who was I going to call? I soldiered on but we just walked and the end was not in sight. 

“Actually, I think we are lost,” I finally admitted.

“Are you serious?” He asked frustrated.

The road behind us was very long and going back without achieving anything would really hurt. 

“I wanted to surprise you by taking you to the crater but I came here when I was in primary school and a lot can change in that amount of time.” I said thoroughly disappointed at my surprise skills.

“If you had said so earlier,  we would have asked for directions,”he answered. 

Luckily for us, there was gentleman coming toward us,

“Excuse me sir, how are you?” my fellow ‘lostee’ called.

“I very fine,”

“Where does this road end? ”

“Right where you see it end, beyond there is the creator” 

“Thank you very much.”

Yes,  that guy did say creator,  I did not misspell that. 

I have no idea whether it was because we were tired or what but the edge was just ahead but we were not getting to it. After what seemed like hours but was probably just two minutes we saw it.

Stretched out majestically in all its glory was the biggest crater I had ever seen. It was vast and covered with a thick green carpet of vegetation.  It was deeper than I remembered and then I couldn’t move. I was paralyzed. I kept feeling that if I moved I would roll to the bottom of the crater. I felt it pulling me like a magnet to the North Pole and it was terrifying.

My companion on the other hand was on a roll. Running around and going to the edge. I couldn’t take it. I just saw him falling in. I wanted to move closer to him but I couldn’t I just stood there like a statue. 

You will be shocked to know that I  actually went inside the last time I was there. I volunteered with a small group while the rest went back but this time I couldn’t even look. 

He found a spot under a shade and sat beneath it. He was like two meters away but I kid you not, I went over on my behind. Two meters! I couldn’t walk, I went sitting down.

Until then, I had no idea I had such a fear of heights or maybe just craters, is there a name for that. 

My good friend asked me if he could take a nap and he did. I sat there trying to admire the view but no,  all I could think of was rolling inside. I kept wondering if anyone would even find us if we fell and after how long. I gave up and woke the peaceful sleeper and told him we just had to go. He was dissapointed but he agreed.
You know how getting out of there was. I was still paralysed and  we almost fought for him to hold my hand but luckily here I am, the one who got away.


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