Edith could not hold herself. She just had this itch to talk to Antony she really wanted to meet him out but she really did not know how long to wait. All day after getting his number she wondered how long she could wait. She felt excited every time she thought about it. She felt like a current run down her spine every time she imagined spending time with him in a casual environment.

The following day she had a minute and she decided to text him. Impatience will be the death of me, she thought as she looked for his number to text him.

Edith: Hi. I was wondering if you could fix me in your schedule tomorrow.

Antony: Tomorrow is not bad. What time do you prefer?

Edith: Eleven ish

Antony: How about two ish?

She stopped texting for a minute, or maybe it was twenty.

Antony (after she did not respond for the about twenty minutes): What say you?

Edith: I say, I think I can compromise.

Antony: Ati compromise? What do you mean? How about now?

Note to self, this man was high on something that I need to know ASAP, am I really all that?

Edith: Now is good.


Antony: I am behind your place. I was taking my mum shopping, she just left and I thought maybe I could see you.

Edith: Give me about ten minutes, I will be right down.

Edith was dumbstruck she just could not get herself together try as she may, but, she had started this and now she had to go through with it. The man was just downstairs and they were going to lunch. She did a little touch up, she really did not wear much makeup so a little powder and some lip gloss was all she did. Her tummy was so full of butterflies she did not even think she would make it down but miraculously, she did.

She got outside the building and there seemed to be a whole sea of cars, it had not even occurred to her that she did not even know the make and model of his car until now but she was not going to call simply for that, he had to be close and he would be in the driver’s seat. She circled the building and just about halfway she saw him, on his phone and my, did he look good all serious and unaware he was being watched. She straightened herself and walked over. He saw her just as she approached,

“Zunguruka,” (go round) he said to her.

She obeyed and went to the other side, opened the co driver’s seat and let herself in and felt like she was in a dream and wondered if she was crazy, it was a rollercoaster for her.

They started on their way and well,

“So where are we going for lunch?” He asked

“I set this up, I thought you would surprise me,” Edith replied, actually surprised the burden was on her.

“You will just have to pick a place,”

“Why don’t you pick it this time and I will the next time,”

“You pick a place this time. I picked you up and it would be wrong to pick you and still pick a place. Anywhere you want within town.”

She ended up picking a nice classy hotel in town. Quiet but with the best food she had tasted in the town so far and the best portions too.

Ten minutes later they were at the Restaurant. He let her get off and go in as he went in search of parking, seeing as it was lunch time it was a hustle to find one just at the restaurant.

The restaurant was nice place. The décor was simple, the walls were white and looked rustic, rough but beautiful, the ceiling was moderately high and the wooden floors were well polished and carpeted.

She sat at a corner and admired the décor and begun wondering what she would take, normally when she was anxious her appetite reduced but if past meetings with the guy were to be believed she would have an amazing time and maybe she really did not have much to worry about. “Just be yourself and you will be okay,” she said to herself.

He came in and tried to locate her she watched from the corner of her eye. She liked how confident he looked and she did not know what it was about him but he just made her feel at ease. With another person it would have taken forever to connect to that kind of level but this just happened so fast and yet he was not demanding. It was completely amazing and rare.

“I am sorry for keeping you waiting,” he apologised

“No problem,”

“Have you ordered?”

“Just a drink, I was waiting for you to order food,”

He signalled for a waiter for her to order which she did.

“How has your day been?” he inquired

“It has been good but slow, very boring,”

“At least it is not bad,”


The anxiety was setting in on her and this small talk was not helping matters, faster conversations give less time for musings and time moves faster. Her drink arrived and she was happy by the distraction of its setting and that she now had something to take the edge off a bit.

“So when I asked you about honeymoon, I saw it’s like a clock wound really fast, rrrrrrr,”

“Kinda, there are things I just do not think about; you just caught me off guard.”

“Ok,” he said, “Then the other day you said, you were trying to be a lady.”

She smiled, ‘You just had to remember that?”


“I just meant that I couldn’t have asked for your number first,”

He laughed, a real hearty laugh, she loved that laugh it almost reassured her. This day was getting better and better than Edith had expected. She liked Antony’s company; she was having more fun than she had in the past.

“Welcome,” he said when the food came.

“Thank you, it looks really good.”

“Yes it does,”

“I really love the chicken in this place,”

“Their food is really good, eat up,”

“I definitely will,”

As she finished eating she felt his hand on her’s and at first she did not know how to feel. He looked into her eyes and she felt comfortable, she smiled. There was something about the confidence he exuded. They held hands for a minute. It was one of those moments that just spoke for themselves where hearts and eyes say more than words ever could.


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