So, finally, we are in 2017 and I am elated. I am very happy because even  though it just a continuation from where I was in 2016 at least it gives an illusion of new things to come. It gives the illusion of a new start and 2016 being the shitty year that it was for me at least, I needed the New Year to give me hope and a new push.

So in 2017, I just want to do a few things, we could try them together

  1. Not be too hard on myself

So many times I wanted everything to go at max speed in 2016 and I ended up not cutting myself any slack, well, no more of that in 2017

  1. Get out of my comfort zone

This one will definitely be my challenge. I am a person that once I get used to something I get very comfortable, I am also very lazy which does not help much but I plan to put effort on that a little more this year.

  1. Live a little

Many times we let the struggles and events of this life depress us and become our lives. This year as I make my goal to enjoy the little moments I hope you who has the same problem will try to as well, let us not just exist but live in 2017

  1. Let go and let God

I plan to work on my spiritual life. I just want to cast all my burdens to Him who promises he has a lighter York. Grow my faith and have my burdens carried for me.

I will not give myself too many resolutions hopefully these will chart my path this year.

Have a fulfilling 2017 and thank you for continuing to journey with me this year.


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