So I can imagine every one of us at some point were somewhere they did not want to be. There must have been a time when you wanted more and wished you were doing better or was having better. If you are ambitious, you feel like this every day or maybe once a week or once a month but you do.

You might have someone to talk to and everyone has heard this, “God’s time is always the best time,” Sometimes you listen; sometimes you get irritated and wonder why God is always late with just your time whereas others just get what they want. Sometimes you wonder if it’s just that God doesn’t want for you what you want for yourself.

Here is a short lesson I get at the matatu stage in the morning. I am normally a person who does not like crowds or fighting for space. I always wait for there to be a matatu without too much of a hustle.

This morning, I had a late start; you know monad blues and all. When I got to the matatu stage there was no vehicle and they kept coming very full and hardly stopping, time was moving and I also did not have my earphones and Lord knows music makes everything better.

Some time passed and full cars continued to come.  After a few of them passed some had that space in between seats that I never fit in seeing as I am horizontally challenged. I waited until there was enough space for me. At some points I felt like a car with space would never come so but I still decided to wait and eventually a matatu with the front seat came up and I got the best seat in the house, front at the door.

As with the matatu life also does things that you can never really explain, there were people who got in before me but when we got to town their matatu was just in front of ours, what could they have gone through, sometimes we may think some people have it easy but what is a challenge to you may not necessarily be a challenge to the next person and so we may never know what is really going on.

Some people have what you want but it is not what they want and really comparing is the best way to eternal misery. Like our fingers we all cannot be equal but we each are unique and have our own special talents that make us who we are. Our fingers are not equal but if you lost one, you wouldn’t find it the same doing things as it was before you lost the finger. Like that every one of us has a purpose and do not for a minute let anyone tell you different.

Once in a while, you feel down and wish you were somewhere different or doing something different and that is okay. It is good actually, it means you have more potential just do not let it get you overwhelmed. Get over it, pick yourself up and tell yourself tomorrow will be a better day and even if at first you do not believe it if tell it to yourself enough times, you will come to believe it.

There is a time for everything and just as the seasons change your circumstances will also change and sometimes you want to do something but it is not your best yet and a nudge to a different road gets you to a place that gives you so much fulfilment it is unbelievable.

Okay, so I am not an expert I just thought someone might need a little pick me up seeing as it is Monday and all.

Have an inspired day and don’t forget you are as fabulous as they get.


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