Edith was really enjoying this Antony fellow’s company a lot. She spent time talking to him about many things but they had not gone out yet. She kept looking for reasons to go to the agency. She really did feel connected to him and she just sat and smiled to herself about some of the things they talked about. He was witty, funny and yet they could just have nice intelligent conversations sometimes.

He had asked her out but she had chosen to take it like one of those things people say to keep conversations going and then just stop at that, nothing serious.

One day she walks into his office, now accustomed to it

“He! Nakwambia utaniona hapa mpaka uchoke,” she started sitting down (you will see me here until you get tired)

“Hata weight yako pekee haiwezi nichokesha,” he answered (your weight alone cannot tire me)

To say that she was shocked would be an understatement.

Kumbe anaweza ongea? Sawa, she thought (So he can talk? Okay) she just smiled. She had a clue why they were becoming good friends.

She sat down and they talked about work and many other life issues, when they began to talk, they just went on and on and got lost in their own world. She asked questions about investment since she was concerned her firm could be in trouble because of financial issues and while her management was not supportive of her efforts to make sure they stayed afloat she still wanted to find out if there was anything she could present to them is they ever wanted to listen.

They sat there for hours but she felt like it had been five minutes but she had to leave. As she stood to leave,

“Why don’t you just take me somewhere and extract all you want from me and then set me free like a bird?” he asked

“Not yet,” she replied, “it is much more fun this way”

He smiled, a wry sweet, affectionate smile and she walked away.

It was now coming to her; maybe he really was attracted to her. Maybe he was not just trying to be polite but was in fact very serious about it.

She went back to work smiling to herself, nothing could take away the happiness she felt. May be because he was a little older, maybe that was why he was able to keep his cool and not just jump at her. He just left hints and waited for her to be ready and she had to admit he really was drawing her in. He had no idea just how much.

“I know that smile,” Suzy said dropping files on Edith’s desk

“Which smile?”

“The; I have been to someone’s office, and I am very happy smile,”

“You might be right,”

“So when are you guys going out?”

“We haven’t planned yet but I have a feeling it might be soon,”

“I hope so too. He better be good to you,”

“I believe he is. I have never connected with anyone at this level. He understands me, we can talk about everything, I lose track of time when I am with him. I think he is really nice.”

“Don’t over think this though, just have fun and see where it goes,”

“That sounds like a pretty decent idea,”

They both laughed. Suzy was happy her friend had found someone to take her out of her cocoon, she looked herself in too much, not many people knew her but she was a great person if you knew her. She was loyal and kind and lots of fun. She just hoped this Antony guy was not a joker.

That evening Edith went to class but just could not concentrate, she just heard a word here and a word there but most of it she would study later. She just had never met a man so playful yet as respectful as Antony, she did imagine his being older played a role in it. Whatever it was about it, she wished he would be her friend for a time because she really enjoyed his company and really enjoyed their connection.

On a particular day in late February Edith went to Antony’s office as had become a habit and as usual she enjoyed it. As she was leaving, they shook hands and they just kept that shake going and none wanted to leave the other’s hand. They stared at each other.

“What?” Antony asked smiling broadly,

Edith could not for the life of her speak, it was all too intense. She simply smiled and lowered her gaze from his.

“Go,” he said. Only then did she let go of his hand and started for the door. “Or did you have my feedback?” he called as she opened the door. I held it open for a second. “Feed back?” she echoed. She felt flustered.

“Come,” he said. Edith walked back and her hand was in Antony’s again.

“I gave you an assignment, have you thought about it yet.”

She had in fact been thinking about his assignment a lot, in fact sometimes she hardly thought of little else but in pure lady fashion, she really struggle with this lady things, she acted like it had never occurred to her and he was just reminding her of it presently. But she was having a feeling he was not being fooled. Come to think of it, he was holding her hand and there was a possibility that he could feel her overzealous pulse.

“My schedule is tricky,”

“I want to hear the trick. Tricky things only come from tricksters.”

I have never met somebody who makes me smile and laugh all the time like I am ticklish, she thought. She just stood there smiling sheepishly and wondering how they had even gotten here.

“Well, I go to school on weekday evenings and Saturday mornings, so I am only available Saturdays.”

“Saturdays for me are not good. I normally have lots of events on Saturdays and when I do not, I know that morning so I stay here and then later I go watch football if my team is playing and then I go home.”


“So, where do you go to school?”

“Saint Louis,”

“So you just walk through here after work,”

“Yes, I do,”

“Interesting, so I can see you when I go up to the rooftop,”

“I guess, if your sight is good enough,”

“My sight, is good enough,”

“I guess we are at a deadlock but maybe I will make you a deal,

“Yeah, really? What kind of deal?”

“If I get a spare minute, you will be the first to hear about it.”


“I promise,”


Suzy and Edith left work that day to have a coffee, work had been hectic and they hadn’t really just sat and talked. One of Edith’s lecturers had had a premonition he would be sick this week so she had a day.

They walk into this restaurant in town that they really love and Edith especially loved the chicken and they get a corner table. Edith always loved to sit at the corner so she could watch people but at the same time be invincible, people could look at the corner but it was the vantage point where she could watch everything happening.

“Girl, I am so tired, sometimes I just feel I should quit and lay around and something else will come up,” Suzie complained

“Well I feel you girl, it always happens to me too and I just wonder why I was not born royalty. I mean I love my parents but a little or rather a lot of money never killed anybody,” Edith totally agreed as well.

“Amen to that sister,”

“But tonight, I love me some cappuccino,”

“Speaking of love, how is a certain Antony doing?”

“Antony is fine, at least he was the last time I saw him,”

Suzy rolled her eyes, “Hey, I know you have good taste.”

“This was really not my choice, I just found myself pulled into something and I just could not resist going deeper,”

“So it is serious?”

“I really cannot say, it’s too soon; right now I am just enjoying a good friendship,”

“To friendship,” Suzy said raising her tiny cup

“To friendship,” Edith said clinking her tiny cup with Suzy’s

They both really loved these times they spent together but things had gotten so crazy. It amazing how much of life can pass you by as you do very little and soon you just realize you lost so much o the way and have very little going for you.


It had been a few days since Edith had seen Antony. She had gotten engaged in some things planning a trip for some officials getting reservations to for them in another town. She really, had been swamped and for her Antony was her reprieve, talking to him made her feel better about her situation all the time.

She walked into his office and he smiled, she was not sure if it was because he saw her though.

“Hey, you, you look like you are in a very good mood,” she greeted

“I am well, and you are looking lovely today,” Antony replied

“Why, thank you. You don’t look too bad yourself,”

“You are welcome,” he replied with the biggest smile she had ever seen.

See statements, like these were the ones that made her just go crazy; he had a sense of humour like no other in a very good way.

“How have you been for the last couple of days?” Antony asked

“I have been okay, I have been planning a trip for a couple of officials and it is exhausting. There is a seminar around their so there are no hotels in the area with a bit of a reasonable price list.”

“Really? Where to?”

“To Naivasha,”

“Oh, Naivasha, there are so many very nice hotels in Naivasha by the way, there is the Sopa lodge, the Great Rift Valley, there are lots of beautiful places. Very nice places for someone to go for a honeymoon,” he paused for a second, “by the way, what are your plans now that we are on the topic of honeymoon?”

“I do not any plans for any honeymoon at the moment” Edith said not sure where this conversation was headed.

“Well, when the time comes, it is a really good place to go,”

“I will think about it,”

“We should really meet out; we have a lot to talk about,”

“I will tell you when I get a minute,”

“Do, I have your number?”


“Okay, give me your and I will call so you can get mine,”

“That is okay,”

“By the way, why did I not have your number?” he asked

Edith wanted to say, well, you did not ask. But instead she said, “I really do not know,”

“Maybe the opportunity had not presented itself,”

“Most likely,” Edith agreed, “yet here I was trying to be a lady,”

“Whaaaaaat?” he asked laughing

“I will text you when I have a second,” she said.

The number exchange really excited her for some reason. Little things sometimes really got to her. She did not know how exactly she felt but she was really looking forward to knowing how she would use the number.


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