Edith went into the office, it was neat and quaint. The man seated behind the desk was good looking but he did not seem at all like what Alex had said, he was distracted and did not seem as sweet.

“Hello,” she said almost not hearing her own voice.

“Hi,” now she was sure he was not very excited about her being in the office.

“My boss sent me, she said she had talked to you about new forms we needed,”

“Oh,” he said almost emotionless, he turned around opened a drawer and took out a stack of three or four papers and held them out to her, “here.”

Edith was confused, having a boss like the one she had, had made her develop an attitude. But then again, was Alex insane, or maybe he was just ok with people she knew and not strangers.

“Thank you,” she said and left. She really, did not know what to make of it, but why was she even worried anyway? “Maybe it is because I really do not get to have intelligent conversations with anyone in my life” she thought, “I need a new life”

She had to go back to work which really gave her chills; she had had a plan for her life that did not include her working with non-ambitious mediocre people apart from Sue, she really did not have anyone to talk to from a standpoint of understanding but she had gotten used to it, though sometimes it still bothered her, just a bit.

“Hey you, why do you look so confused?”

“Huh?” Edith was startled by Suzy’s voice, she had no even noticed that she had gotten back to the office, her mind had been so occupied.

“Earth to Edith, come in?” Sue teased cupping her hand to her mouth

“Very funny, “Edith said, “you will not believe what happened today?

“Try me,” I seen a few things in my day

“So, I go over to the Advertising Company right?”


“And Alex is bragging about how awesome her new boss is and I am like, okay, stop bragging”

“And is he?”

“He definitely is good looking but has the coldest stare I have ever seen,”

“Maybe he is good to her,”

“I guess, I don’t know why it keeps bothering me though, I mean I work for a monster, why am I surprised?”

They both laughed and each went their own way but Edith couldn’t shake the feeling that there really could be a body snatcher conspiracy going on, how can two people see one person so differently?


The next day Edith had to return the forms and she really was not looking forward to it. “Oh well, at least I do not have to smile until my face hurts like with other people.” She thought, “Here goes nothing.”

She went into his office reminding herself there would be no pleasantries and deliberately forced herself not to smile. Boy was she in for a big surprise.

“Hello,” she said, standing just near his table

“Hello,” he said beaming and almost throwing her off balance, “please, have a seat,”

Talk about a 360 turn, she thought and sat down.

“How have you been since the last time you were here?”

Here I was thinking you did not even notice I was here, she thought of saying but instead, “I have been good actually,”

“Good, I have also been good, kazi kazi tu, (just work)”

For a minute Edith thought she was dreaming, how can one person be so nasty one minute and extremely nice the next?

“What is your good name?” he asked

She almost giggles, was he old fashioned or proper? She really could not tell, his attitude this day had really bamboozled her.

“Edith, Edith Obondo,” she said

He swung in his chair and looked at her curiously

“Obondo ule mmoja?” (The one Obondo?)

“Yes,” she replied. She always glowed with pride when someone asks her that.

“I knew your dad when you were very young.” He said.

She must have done something because he said, “Why are you looking at me like you have never been younger? Where were you in 1990?”

“Very little,” she replied.


That day she went home and announced proudly as if she had done an extraordinary thing that she was in the Advertising manager’s office and he knew her daddy. Her daddy on the other hand could not remember him because he had dealt with so many people in the course of his work and he could not for the life of him remember most of them.

“He knew you in 1990,” she prodded wishing him to remember.

“1990? He!” is all he could say.

She was disappointed but just by her dad’s memory but not with the man she had met.

The man she had met that day was very; very different from the man she had met the day before. He was so nice she was beginning to see what Alex was talking about but he did have some extraordinary chameleon tactics that she wish she could learn, she was so transparent it was painful.

That night she went to bed happy and she had no idea why. Maybe finally she had met her match, someone with a sense of humour and who admired her dad as much as she did and also who she could be good friends with. But she wasn’t going to get herself carried away just yet.

Over the next couple of weeks they got to know each other especially professionally, they had the same interests in investments and the financial sector Edith felt like she had breathed a breath of fresh air, Oh, how refreshing it was. But how would it go?



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