For a few weeks Edith has had a new friend, a marketing manager she had initially not liked at all ended up being the friend she had been looking for, or at least she thought.

On February 16th she walked into his office, she was trying to write her term paper and had very many questions she was glad she had this chance to go to her new friend’s office. He had other guests but Alex was free.

“Hey you,” she greeted

“Hey girl, we missed you, it’s been a while,” Alex replied motioning her boss’s office and smiling cheekily.

Edith half blushed, “What are you talking about?”

“Well, if you must know, I see you, I see how you smile when you leave this office, I see him too, I go in there and he is smiling from ear to ear, he is always in a good mood when you come over.”

“Well, Alex, I am glad you think I am responsible for your boss’s good moods but I don’t think I am,” she honestly just thought Alex was playing; she and Antony were just friends.

A client came out of the office and nodded to Alex as she went.

“He is all yours,”

Edith walked into the office holding back a smile. She did not know what to think about what Alex thought she knew, oh, how people can misconstrue things, she thought.

He did not help matters he smiled at her as she walked in and she felt like she was in the middle of a conspiracy.

“Happy, post valentine,” she says stretching her hand to shake his

“Oh, you decided to come after so there would be no demands. Smart girl”

She smiled and sat down.

“How was your Valentine’s he asks?”

“It was nice, I cannot complain.”

“Wewe ulikataa kutokea na vile nilikuwa nimekupangia,” he says (you did not show up yet I had plans for you)

“Ungenitafuta kama ulikuwa umenipangia,” (you should have looked for me)

He smiled, he always smiled like that, in a way that just made her smile as well.

“I have two issues for you today,” she continued

“Let us hear them,”

“You know how I have been telling you; we have been facing challenges at work?”

He nodded.

“I need your input. Do you think there is any short term investment we can invest in that will keep us from getting into this kind of trouble all the freaking time? Frankly, it is boring.”

He smiled, that sweet infectious smile, it always did something to her. He rubbed his hands together slowly; he always did that when he put his thinking cap on.

“Well,” he began squinting as if he was reading from something illegible, “your situation is already far gone and the most viable option would be to get a credit limit that would help you out for some time and stop spending too much on capital items. It is cheaper to get long term debts rather than taking emergency debt all the time.”

“I agree,”

“Because you see, I am sure even your financial institution is not happy giving you that kind of debt and charging you exorbitant rates because they also do not gain from your downfall.”

“I see your point. I am also doing my term paper and I would like you to look at it and tell me what you think, if you think I should present it as is or if it needs to be tweaked a bit.”

“I will look at it and see if I can help,”

“I really appreciate it,” she took it out of her folder and gave it to him.

He flipped through it for a few seconds, “I will let you know what I think of it,”

“Thank you,”

Their eyes locked for a second, he smiled. What just happened? She wondered.

“I think we should meet out,” he said.


“We should meet out, at a place where we can talk more freely without any disruptions. You see here in the office, there are calls; people walking in and you can only be here for a few. If we met outside we could talk more.”

Say what? She screamed in her head.

“I will think about it,”

“You do that. Shall I release you now?”

Thank the lord, she thought, “Yes,”

He stretched out his hand to shake hers.

“Nime enjoy sana,” (It was nice seeing you)

“Mimi pia,” (Me too)

She walked out, as she left, she remembered what Alex had said and held back the huge smile that wanted to escape her lips. She was not going to give Alex the satisfaction of seeing it.


Back at their office, Suzy was observing Edith, she seemed awfully happy and smiley and her mind kept taking trips, they would be talking and suddenly she would go like, “I am sorry what?”

What is she hiding? Suzy wondered. She wanted to wait until Edith told her herself but for some reason she wasn’t talking.

Edith on the other hand was very happy, nothing was diming her joy. She felt a certain way, she couldn’t quite explain it. On one hand the invite by Antony to meet out came as a very huge surprise but on the other hand, even though she said she would think about it, she had already thought about it and she knew exactly what she would do.

“So what is going on with you, girl?” It was Suzy startling Edith out of her reverie.

“The usual you know, school and stuff,”

“Hmmm, is that why you have been smiling on your own and being distracted?”

“Have I?”

“Come on you are hiding something, I know you and I am not saying it is bad for you to be happy but why would you be happy alone and not share the joy?”

“Okay fine, maybe something did happen”

“Then promise me you will not laugh or make jokes about it.”

“Pinky promise,” Suzy said raising her small finger.

“What are you six?”

“You know the pinky is the best promise ever.”

“Fine,” they linked their little fingers

“Spill, spill then,”

“Well, you remember I told you about Alex’s new boss?”

Suzy nodded as if speaking would cut her concentration

“I think he might have asked me out,”

Suzy opened her mouth in an inaudible scream, “Girl, no wonder you have been smiling around here by yourself. So what did you say?”

“I said, I will think about it,”

“Fair enough, and have you thought about it?”

“I think so,”


“I think I want to go but not just yet,”

“I guess you are right, are you excited at least?”

“I guess, you know I do not know what to think of it, but I like the idea of it,”

“Good! At least one of us is having fun”

I am indeed having fun with this one, Edith thought.


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