A LOOK BACK at 2016

I know, I know, it is not over yet, but it almost is and I just decided to take a look back and to be honest this year has been the worst I have had in a while. It has been one of those where my plans just never worked but that was mostly because sometimes I get too optimistic for words. This year has harassed and woke me up, sometimes even beaten me. It has been bad, but I am not here to talk doom. Bad things bring good things also. This year I have learnt;

  1. Things do not always work out and it’s ok

The surprises life has thrown me this year have made me learn a lot. I decided I must be very special, things did not work out most of the time but I learnt with every moment I was beat down to wake up and take another step and another and another until finally, I just did not give a damn about what anybody says and then again if people are always talking ill of you, girl or (how do I say it for men?), we’ll figure it out later, point is there is either something very wrong you are doing or you are just different and they wish they had the courage to take their own path. I chose my own path, I talk to God and one or two friends, I only call people who matter to me, trust me de- cluttering your life gives you so much peace and you end up with far less baggage and I love reducing baggage, it opens up your mind to so much more that this world has to offer.

  1. Being uncomfortable teaches a lot

I have also learnt that you have to get out of your comfort zone sometimes, I was talking to a friend of mine and he told me that resigning yourself to situations makes you lose out on life. Remember that good old saying about how eating only food that your mother cooks makes you think she is the only one that can cook?

Well, so is it with life, when you just think you could not find a different method, if you keep to yourself you will never ever find out how many there are out there. That however does not mean that you open up to just anyone, this world is full of Bad belle, Oloshi and Gbeborun (all three mean useless unhelpful people more or less) you do not want to even imagine. Not everything is meant for your consumption.

Getting uncomfortable does not only mean that you should learn new things it might also mean unlearning some thins and looking at them from a fresh perspective. And just because majority of the people around you do things a certain way doesn’t mean they are doing it the right way, you may have to find your own way and my will it  be uncomfortable

  1. Learn to fail

I have to admit this has been the biggest issue for me, not even just this year; it has been for a really long time. I have always been afraid to fail and sometimes I think it is part of the reason I have not moved as far as I would have wanted. I always get this gripping fear when I want to try something new but this year, I just tossed myself in and said, “so what if I fail?” I mean the only thing you will do is fail especially if money is not involved. That was how I started writing this blog and I don’t have a million followers but you are reading this and if you like it enough you will send it to your friend, or maybe you are in a situation that I will help you unravel with my two cents. So whatever it is you have been procrastinating on doing, my dear, start, do it, “so what if you fail,” even better, “what if you succeed?”

  1. Do not give a damn!

So this does not mean you can throw away your morals and walk along Kenyatta Avenue or any other street you have in your town naked. By no means, all I mean is, give up the idea that you have to explain yourself to anybody. If you are of age and all you want to do is better yourself do not limit yourself because people do not normally do that. The one thing I have learnt is that the people that love you and those that really matter will understand you; they will walk with you and support you.

Most of the people whose opinions we really care about are people who really have not moved anywhere in their lives and as a result all they want to do is keep you from moving too.

Do not give a damn and I repeat do not give a damn as long as your heart is in the right place and as long as you are not hurting anyone, except a hater’s ego. You are fine. Keep doing what you are doing.

  1. Do not layback your spiritual life

Actually this should have been number one, but since it is self explanatory, I will finish with it.

All I can say is put your God first. Read your religious books, pray and even when you do not have the strength you will have a reserve. I know some people me included only rest on Sunday but try and go to church if you are a Christian whatever Supreme Being you believe in, talk to him even when you are not talking to everyone else.

Level with him and when things really get out of hand, let go and let God. Do not worry what people say about how your relationship with your maker should be, have one first and you will know what you are supposed to do.

Listen to that still small voice inside of you, it is always right.

  1. Enjoy where you are at

This one has been hard for me but I am learning to just kick back and accept I am at point A and ask myself, am I doing all I can to get to point B? If so, relax and let everything work itself out. Somehow I always believe I will get there and all hard situations teach you what to avoid doing in the future.

I enjoyed your support to this part of the year and I want to say thank you for reading, liking, following, favoriting and all you support, Stay positive and enjoy the rest of 2016.


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