So, it has been really long since I wrote, during that time I was having a writer’s block and so in the spirit of breaking it I was reading a lot and watching lots of other people’s videos. For those who do not know, I am a foodie and I also love nature but only during the day like I do not do camping, but I would love a safari in the wild as long as I sleep in doors.

One of the places I found that I really felt fed all my little likes was Lamu. Everyone who has been to Lamu either a Kenyan or foreigner juts cannot stop saying how good its is. It is paradise on earth so where do I start and why is Lamu first, second and third on my bucket list?

The Food

The Swahili culture is generally very family oriented and what brings a family together better than a well cooked meal. From the samaki wa kupakwa to the shawarma, to others I cannot pronounce to crabs(I have never had them but they look so good cooked), I really just want to go to Lamu. Plus the fact that all these things are avalable ‘mwitu’ I mean imagine having your papa wa kupakwa mwitu, isn’t it surreal?

I also would like to test the muchizi wa pweza( octopus soup) myths about how you burn up, if you know what I mean. They also have, wait for it, a spice market, I know this happens all over the coast but that it is there in Lamu I want to see.

The people

In our busy cosmopolitan towns, waiters are slow and rude in some places, not in Lamu, the people are friendly and amazing, so i hear, they better not disappoint, they have a sense of community which after our busy work packet lives would be very welcome.

The sandy beaches

Lamu is full of them because well, it is an island coupled with the fact that there are tides that make the beaches stretch out for kilometers at a time, it really sounds and looks, ( from what I have seen) divine.

The donkeys

After all the shenanigans that matatus have shown me, I would love my own ride, no travelling with people who snort all the way, or with drunkards who lie on your shoulder, or with drivers who play Tichi when there are grandparents in the house, not cool, by the way, but that is the story for another day. I would love to see donkeys not being beaten so hard.

The Dolphins

Until recently, I had no idea there where dolphins and a variety of fish too cute to eat and snorkeling is actually fun right at our coasts. I would love to swim with the dolphins, I have to find a way to get over my water phobia and fast.

In a nutshell, I love my country and I love Lamu now more than ever. I think Brand Kenya should put this things up for all to see and appreciate how beautiful our country is.

If you visit Lamu before I do take lots of pictures and show them so I can feel jealous and plan to go soon.

Cheers and stay sunny!





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