So, I have found away back to my first love, reading. I came across this book. So for those who do not know Dan Brown is an iconic novelist who according to me is an art historian as in he loves to base his novels at least the two I know of around legendary artists. He also wrote the more famous book, The Da Vinci Code which was based on the works Leonardo Da Vinci.

This book is based on Dante Alighieri’s The Divine Comedy who lived between 1265 and 1321. In the Divine Comedy Dante shares his journey through Hell (Inferno), Purgatory (Purgatorio) and Paradise (Paradiso).

Dan Brown specializes in The Inferno or the first and most famous part of the Divine Comedy. He tells the story of an Art History Professor from the States who has been hired by The World Health Organization (WHO) to intercept a guy who is trying creating a plague that is meant to cut world population and lead to a Renaissance.

Most of the book is based in Florence where the Professor Robert Langdon wakes up with Amnesia in a hospital that turns out not to be a hospital and is being chased by men with big guns. One of the doctors dies and the other a female one by the name Sienna Brooks helps him out as they travel through various Florentine tourist attractions hoping to find clues as to where the plague is hidden.

They start at the Medici home which is now a museum. Dan Brown is very good at explaining the various attractions and the book feels like a guided tour from Florence to Venice to Istanbul. He very creatively goes into ancient churches he visits a museum where they find Dante Alighieri’s death mask only it is stolen and the chase continues. where they find the plague which is not what they expected. You have to read the book yourself.

If nothing else the book should make you want to visit Italy the next chance you can. I know I did. I also found myself researching a lot on The Divine Comedy and the Various attractions. It carried me, I never for a second put it down.

It is simply a must read.


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