You know those times you promise yourself to live properly. You start telling yourself that for better results, you have to do things differently. Well, you have heard it before and I will confirm it to you, words are cheap, actions are what tell it all.

So, for a time I kept promising myself that I should start eating healthy I mean who doesn’t know the benefits it has to the skin, how kind it is to the waist and self confidence and cumulatively it makes a better life. Don’t get me wrong, I do love vegetables and I eat them but for the most part I really love a nice meaty meal and a lot of sugar in my snacks. In short, life is a little better with a bit more fat, sugar and meat.

My problem comes to where I now really want to stop or at least reduce.I want to start eating home cooked meals, I want to drink the water more, I would like to cut the amount of processed sugar.


Day 1

I tried tap water, did not work. It was not going down well so I got mineral water. I took a little more than a half liter of water in an hour, good right? But, I still had my sausage and hot dogs.

Day 2

You, know how water is said to taste better with lemon, tried it

VERDICT: Horrible, did not work for me.

I kept having this very serious craving for soda, but I kept taking water and eventually a nap, I could not take the pressure of not having sugar anymore but eventually the day ended without the taking of soda, I just kept taking water and I am very proud.

Day 3

I woke up determined to run this healthy thing alone. I did not make tea as I normally would, instead I made a concoction of ginger, garlic, lemon and honey in water. It was nice but I was late I couldn’t finish the 500 ml. I decided I will get a small flask for my concoction to have later in the day. It felt good and I felt like a superhero.

Today is day three and right now, I just want something meaty and fatty, I do hope I can carry this torch along but it is hard, hard work.

Wish me luck.


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