So, I have found away back to my first love, reading. I came across this book. So for those who do not know Dan Brown is an iconic novelist who according to me is an art historian as in he loves to base his novels at least the two I know of around legendary artists. He also wrote the more famous book, The Da Vinci Code which was based on the works Leonardo Da Vinci.

This book is based on Dante Alighieri’s The Divine Comedy who lived between 1265 and 1321. In the Divine Comedy Dante shares his journey through Hell (Inferno), Purgatory (Purgatorio) and Paradise (Paradiso).

Dan Brown specializes in The Inferno or the first and most famous part of the Divine Comedy. He tells the story of an Art History Professor from the States who has been hired by The World Health Organization (WHO) to intercept a guy who is trying creating a plague that is meant to cut world population and lead to a Renaissance.

Most of the book is based in Florence where the Professor Robert Langdon wakes up with Amnesia in a hospital that turns out not to be a hospital and is being chased by men with big guns. One of the doctors dies and the other a female one by the name Sienna Brooks helps him out as they travel through various Florentine tourist attractions hoping to find clues as to where the plague is hidden.

They start at the Medici home which is now a museum. Dan Brown is very good at explaining the various attractions and the book feels like a guided tour from Florence to Venice to Istanbul. He very creatively goes into ancient churches he visits a museum where they find Dante Alighieri’s death mask only it is stolen and the chase continues. where they find the plague which is not what they expected. You have to read the book yourself.

If nothing else the book should make you want to visit Italy the next chance you can. I know I did. I also found myself researching a lot on The Divine Comedy and the Various attractions. It carried me, I never for a second put it down.

It is simply a must read.


You know those times you promise yourself to live properly. You start telling yourself that for better results, you have to do things differently. Well, you have heard it before and I will confirm it to you, words are cheap, actions are what tell it all.

So, for a time I kept promising myself that I should start eating healthy I mean who doesn’t know the benefits it has to the skin, how kind it is to the waist and self confidence and cumulatively it makes a better life. Don’t get me wrong, I do love vegetables and I eat them but for the most part I really love a nice meaty meal and a lot of sugar in my snacks. In short, life is a little better with a bit more fat, sugar and meat.

My problem comes to where I now really want to stop or at least reduce.I want to start eating home cooked meals, I want to drink the water more, I would like to cut the amount of processed sugar.


Day 1

I tried tap water, did not work. It was not going down well so I got mineral water. I took a little more than a half liter of water in an hour, good right? But, I still had my sausage and hot dogs.

Day 2

You, know how water is said to taste better with lemon, tried it

VERDICT: Horrible, did not work for me.

I kept having this very serious craving for soda, but I kept taking water and eventually a nap, I could not take the pressure of not having sugar anymore but eventually the day ended without the taking of soda, I just kept taking water and I am very proud.

Day 3

I woke up determined to run this healthy thing alone. I did not make tea as I normally would, instead I made a concoction of ginger, garlic, lemon and honey in water. It was nice but I was late I couldn’t finish the 500 ml. I decided I will get a small flask for my concoction to have later in the day. It felt good and I felt like a superhero.

Today is day three and right now, I just want something meaty and fatty, I do hope I can carry this torch along but it is hard, hard work.

Wish me luck.


All of a sudden near death experiences are the in thing, everybody is having them. I had one several years ago and it was actually one of those times I wish I asked matatu (public service vehicle) conductors questions. It was kind of a funny story that taught me that one should take more out of a physics class than the teacher saying, “Christ on a trolley!”

So it was a beautiful day way back when I lived in college hostels. I was reporting back to school which for me was always amazing because well, it meant freedom. I was far, far away from home and nobody would be checking on me and nobody would tell me what to do and I could sleep in the middle of the day without interruption, yes, for real, college for me was akin to uninterrupted sleep. Oh how, I wish I could get those days back, but I digress.

I took a matatu from Eldoret town to my school which was like a ten minute drive. I got to my destination and there was a dilemma. They did not have change, classic conductor code for, when will you ever tip? and I couldn’t go till the last stage because I had luggage. I either had to go with them and come back with another vehicle and pay again or leave my luggage go with them and come back. looking back in retrospect, was there really a problem? I can’t answer that right now, I am trying to tell the story of how I nearly died.

Fast forward and the conductors are asking me to make a decision and I am confused, I cannot even remember the amount of money they owed me. But at the time it felt like a lot. I decided we would go and I will collect my change and come back. The vehicle started moving and I looked at my bag and could not imagine losing my things for a split second i lost my mind and jumped and the vehicle was in motion.

Friends there is a reason people run when jumping from a moving vehicle, I can’t explain it in physics terms, I can only say, do not jump from a moving car if you can’t keep the motion.

All I can remember was a light,  for a few hours I heard nothing. There was blackness and then light and then I was running or not, I cannot say for sure what happened but it felt like hours and it went on and on and on. Then, I woke up to many sympathizers and some people trying not to laugh. Apparently, I was only on the ground for a few seconds not the hours it felt like which makes me imagine there is no time or space in the after life.

No, I did not break anything, as the girl I am I fell with my face on my hand. I only bruised my knee, it bled a little but my ego for sure was badly hurt. Other than that I am happy to be alive.