It was a cold June morning, the days had been becoming increasingly hot but the mornings were a bit chilly. Edith had just started classes and it was taking all her will to get up at 4 am to study. She had a job at a local university as the Accounts Assistant, a job she loved because she loved numbers and got to enjoy working with them all day.

Her parents had always emphasised on education, this generation was not the one that was big on being creative and doing what you want you did what brought money. Edith had no illusions as a young person she had grown up having just enough her life was not lavish but she had dreams for herself.

“Good morning,” she greeted the doorman a tall lanky old man who always smiled and had 1960 tales but she liked him because he was real, more than anybody else she worked with.

“Girl, you looking fine,” Suzy quipped. Suzy was the only other person that Edith could relate to, she was like herself single and working what they called, ‘starting from too somewhere’ job and they both wanted to drive the big cars and live in the big house and were both hopeless romantics who hadn’t seen romance in a while.

“I am glad you think so because I could not, for the life of me open my eyes this morning and I just imagined I look like crap,” Edith answered.

“Studying huh?”

“Well we all want to amount to something and hanging out with only you, who wants to be in bed by 8.00pm, I need other things to occupy me.”

“Oh, come on, don’t tell me, you do not like having that time to just snooze, and be in that zone. Plus you are the one who always has class and studying as excuses.”

They both smiled, to be very honest, they did not like the out life, and they never seemed to enjoy it. Suzy would always be comfortable with a book and travel and job sites, it occupied her life. Edith lived with her parents as she planned how to move out and she was trying to have as few fights with her mother as a past twenty woman living with her mother could.

For the most part Edith had wanted to be extremely rich buy that expensive car and have a fancy big house and buy her parents the house they deserved for all their hard work they put in. They did not have much but they gave it all to her and her one brother Leo. They were close but of late she was getting really stressed she had no idea why but she was reserved, preferred her own company and just got angry very easily because well, everybody was moving forward but her.

The two ladies moved on, in silence as they entered the office area. Their boss was wicked and for the purposes of telling this story we will call her She-devil because well, Edith had always wanted to call her that but never had her chance, enjoy this Edith.

On this particular morning Edith was wasted, she hadn’t slept well because she was stressed, exams were coming up and though she did not mind studying she had no fees and she had no idea where to turn. She ran through her Face Book page because well, she just was not into working, she could only manage a few minutes because it was very depressing, it was like mating season because for some reason everybody was getting engaged and getting married and I just was too much to take in. She opened her work diary and she just stared, for a minute she just did not know where she was and she could not remember what she wanted to do.

“Edith!” she was rudely startled from her blackout by the She-devil.

“Yes,” she replied going into the She-devil’s office.

“Happy thoughts,” Edith said to herself. “Killing people is against the law.”

“I need you to take these documents to the marketing manager at the firm we advertise with, there are other documents he should give you.”

“Yes,” she replied jumping up and down on the inside, at least she got to leave the office.

She took the documents and half ran, half walked out of the building; she was free at least for a few minutes. She hadn’t slept well at least she could catch a break even if for just a little while.

The marketing firm was not that far but even if it was, Edith loved to walk. It was a relaxer for her. It was almost meditative for her. For some reason she enjoyed the noise a little more today. She felt it was extremely nice and she just wanted to soak the outdoors in. It was just the town but it was breathtaking. It reminded her of freedom, the freedom she wanted.

The building the marketing firm was in was modest but stylish. The marketing manager had a medium office at the end of the hall. Apparently he and the she-devil were friends. Hmmmm. Maybe she got lucky.

Edith walked to the end of the hall and was greeted by a half bored receptionist.

“You going to have to wait a while, he has some important visitors today,” the receptionist quipped. Her name was Alex, Alexandria but that was too long she said. She preferred Alex.

“What’s with you? Edith asked

“I just don’t know. I am just not feeling like work today. It is only 8.30 and I am tired and I don’t want to see people.”

“I keep telling you, did a hole in the ground, it works for the ostrich.”

They both chuckled. They had hit it off since Edith came here a lot. They just liked each other.

“How do you like your new boss?” Edith asked. See the thing is, Edith used to deal with another manager who was not too much her bosses’ friend but he was transferred. He was a just there guy. Edith hadn’t met the new manager yet, today would be that day.

“He is amazing; he is very charming, nice,”

“Okay, I get it, you are gloating,”

“A little,”

“Show off,”

“You got me,”

What seemed like a delegation for people went out. They were very businesslike.

“It’s your turn, tell me what you think,” Alex said and winked.

“I will write a full report,”


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