I was reading a few days ago and I discovered that there is something called feminism that is really scary to women and women who should be lauding it are beating up their own because well, they decided to be feminist. They decided they wanted to be like men. That a feminist should not be married or should not be allowed to have children just goes to show that we do not understand what being feminist is and like one of my management lecturers said, people mourn change like death.

Change is not an easy thing. Women have been brought up to know, their place and to obey without questions and to be seen and not heard. Which to some aspect is ok, we should respect our husbands if for nothing else because God said so and also because, well, natural order of life should not be compromised.

The problem is, that people assume what you do at work or when championing for women’s rights will definitely become a sex change and you will become a man. You should no longer be among the women, you honestly do not know how to be a woman. In this day and age where we wear pant suits and we go to work in blue and white collar jobs, it is appalling to imagine that there are still women who would do anything to make a simple decision in life like how to walk, talk, dress and even think.

While some women will put others down for being ‘too forward’, I choose to count my blessings as a woman in this day and age. That I can have ambition and anybody with a problem with it, well, they can do what they like. That I can go to work and want a promotion, that I can start a business, that I can write and just be me and continue till the sky is no longer the limit.

A while back Caroline Mutoko posted a video on how good it is to be a woman today because guess what? A few years ago women were not people. They could not own property in this country, could not drive, imagine that, companies lived better lives than women ever could. Here we have a chance to be our all but we are busy giving those willing to go the extra mile a hard time.

Anyway, that isn’t always the case, someone once said; it’s just the better story for women to be hating on each other. In the spirit of optimism, I would like to salute all those women who have gone through hell to redeem themselves from the mindset that they cannot do it, I salute all the women who are bosses in companies, in the government, I salute all the wives at home letting their husbands be the head but still going after their own dreams, I salute all the stay home moms who give their whole lives to taking care of their children and still encouraging them to dream and become better people, I salute all those women struggling to make their marriages work no matter how hard, I salute those that aren’t married and are not in a hurry, I salute all the women fighting against FGM and early marriages, I salute those women support girls to be able to go to school on their period, and I thank God for giving me an easy path and ask for forgiveness for all the times I took these things for granted.

There are so many women who are still in bondage, sexually assaulted ‘legally, physically abused and cannot talk because of cultural restriction and other restrictions, I say, those of us who have the freedom should not let them down by misusing it. Go after your dreams, are you 20? 30? 60? It may seem hard to dream but where there is life there is hope. And each day let us say a prayer for all those women who do not have what we have due to cultural and religious restrictions and let us support each other because, WE ARE THE STRONGER SEX.



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