It is okay….

For along time in my life, I lived on the approval of people. I wanted people to tell me I was beautiful, I was brilliant, I had it in me, I could do it. I was a hard and dark phase because like it or not there is a yin to every yang. Many people could encourage you but many still will discourage you, some because they genuinely feel so and others just out of spite.

As I walked through this path I discovered my strengths and with time, I came to realize that not everybody appreciates them and I only need the opinion of two people, God and myself, as long as God is okay with it I just don’t care who else is not.

To be honest, it has not been an easy journey, I had help from a very good friend of mine who would for now, I am sure, like to remain anonymous and who should start his own blog. I found myself slowly, I still am, I haven’t come to that place of complete belief but I am getting there.

Actually, this story was not to be about me, it is for those of us who don’t have their own personal go to guy, for those who have lost hope. For those who are thinking it is over,there is no tomorrow, my friend always says, nobody ever died and came back so let us enjoy this life like tomorrow is not guaranteed because really, it is not.

As you get older challenges increase, we have work pressure or the lack of it, marriage pressures, or the lack of it, social pressures or the lack of, family issues or lack of. People judge us for having or not having, you get married young,”oh she/he just threw him/herself at marriage what does he/she know?”, you stay single, “oh, when will he/she get serious, marriage is important?” Truth be told, if we want things to become important they will be if they are nonsense. You can never please everyone just do what is right by you and your conscience and you will be fine.


The title of this piece is its okay, I have to apologize for my style it is not conventional but it is me.

See what I did there, we should stop apologizing for not living other people’s lives, for not having made it when they did, for not having married when they did, for not being doctors like they are. Some people are past this but I know people who are developing ulcers and losing their heads over this. STOP!

It is okay to be just you. To make it when it is your time, and what the hell is making it anyway?


Someone once told me that the voice of the people is the voice of God, in some cases I do agree but in some like success. i do not.

To me success is a relative term. You shouldn’t let anybody dictate success to you. So stop beating yourself up because you do not conform. Do things at your pace, even better, dare to do different. Do it your own way, after all, you came from the womb, alone even if you are a twin and apart from some few bizarre cases, you will die on your own and be buried on your own so why live any different.

I do not have a medical degree

Before you ask, no I am not a licensed doctor so i will stop but even I know, Your life should be your choice, so choose to love, eat well, dress well and always wear your most priced outfit, your SMILE, because, IT IS OKAY TO BE JUST YOU AND TO BE WHERE YOU ARE, unless you are being cheeky and very bad, that you should stop.

Please for your own sake, if you are stop being miserable, if you are doing it on your own terms, you go!



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