Today was one of those days, those days when I think, why wouldn’t Adam and Eve just behave? Or what the hell was a snake doing in the garden. We would now be sitting under beautiful trees eating fruits and drinking water from springs with cute little animals. I wouldn’t have to worry about giving birth because it would probably not be a big thing. It might have been like sneezing or even eating but here we are.

I did not want to get out of bed. Sleep felt so good, as did my bed and the blankets just felt like they were meant to be my eternal friends and nothing, oh nothing, could put as asunder. Until the alarm rang and I kept snoozing it and dreaming of all the berries and watermelons, and apples and passion fruits and the other fruits except the one in the middle of the garden.

Why couldn’t they just stick to the edges of the garden? Then I thought, I criminalize these people but they had it worse than us. They actually lived a life of sheer luxury before being driven out of the garden. We are born into this troublesome world and yet we hope for more. We hope there will be a time we will rest yet as my good friend keeps saying, nobody has ever died and come back to tell us what is out there but we hope. Hope is such a beautiful thing.

Hope brings us peace in times of struggles. We are only able to go on sometimes because we hope tomorrow will definitely be better. Hope is powerful, hope gives us peace. Hope makes us believe in people. It makes us imagine people even the worst of human beings can change. We wake up every morning because we hope. We don’t think about it seriously but every waking minute in our lives is dangerous. We could die, we could get mauled by buffaloes, okay that is pushing it a little, but you get the drift, but we don’t and we move on.

Cheers to hope.


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